Monday, January 5, 2009


With the indoor marathon fast-approaching, we would like to give some updates on various matters relating to the race:

Course Measurement: The course is in the process of being certified by a USATF official. We are not sure when this will be completed but can assure everyone that it will be done by race day. Other than that, we don't know when. As soon as we have the exact distance and lap count, we will post that info right here.

Water Bottles: Although we will be providing each runner with at least one water bottle, we encourage all runners to bring their own bottles. All beverages MUST be taken in water bottles. Due to spillage concerns, cups will not be provided or allowed. We will have markers on hand for race-day so runners can write their bib numbers on their bottles. We will also have designated places for you to store your bottles during the race, and will also have volunteers on hand to fill your bottles with Powerade and water during the race.

Out of Town Runners: If you are coming from out of town and want any restaurant recommendations or directions to or from the Pettit Center, hotels, airport, etc. please email us at

Song Requests: We have received a number of song requests from runners, but would certainly welcome more. If you have any requests for a song to be played during the race, email us at Otherwise....don't complain about the music!!

If anyone has other questions, either check the Questions & Answers post below or email us.


Anonymous said...

Is the race full? I would like to register.

Race Director said...

There are about 13 spots available as of January 7.