Friday, January 9, 2009

More Updates

Packet Pick-Up - We are going to start packet pick-up on Wednesday at the InStep 3rd Ward location. We had originally planned to start on Monday, but we don't think everything will be ready by then. You can also pick up your packets at the Pettit Center starting at 6:30 a.m. on race-day. See the InStep website for address and hours of the 3rd Ward store.

Restaurants - There are quite a few people coming from out of town for the race (we now have 10 states covered!). Here are the names of three good Italian restaurants in the vicinity of the Pettit Center and the host hotel (Crowne Plaza): Ristorante Bartolotta , Barbiere's Italian Inn and Maggiano's Little Italy. There are also numerous excellent restaurants and bars in downtown Milwaukee. With a little research on Trip Advisor, you can find something for everyone. You are also welcome to drop by the Pettit Center on Friday night and say hello to the volunteers, who will be there setting up for the race!

Kid's Run - We will be holding a Kid's Run at 7:30 a.m. (not 7:00 a.m. as was originally planned). Kids will be able to run one lap around the track. Participants will receive a coupon for free popcorn at the concession stand. There is no pre-registration; kids can enter the track when the announcement is made that the kid's race is going to begin.

Race Rules - Updated and final race rules will be available by request early next week and will also be included in your race bags. I will be going over the rules a few minutes prior to the start of the race.

Lap Count - We now have a tentative lap count (95.3), but that has not been finalized and certified. We expect that to be completed sometime next week. At that time, the race length will be certified by the United State Track & Field Association. I will post something when we have the final lap count.

Water Bottles - We are encouraging all runners to to bring their own water bottles. We will be providing each runner with just one bottle. We will have water and Powerade available at the race, and will be filling up your bottles for you. We will also have tables on which runners can store their bottles. Cups will not be allowed or provided due to spillage concerns.

Storage - We will have an area on the side of the track for runners to stash clothing, gel packs and other items. Each runner will have their own designated area.

- This is especially for those of you who have not run at the Pettit Center....beware that it is chilly in the track area. You may want to bring sweats, hats, gloves, etc. to wear before and after the race. Some runners (your race director included) typically wear a light hat and gloves while running at the Pettit Center. Shorts are also fine, and a long-sleeve shirt (or two) works well. Remember, there will be plenty of opportunities (approximately 95!) to shed clothing during the race.

Any questions, please email

Chris Ponteri, Race Director


Robynn said...

Can I send my spouse for my packet pick up on Wednesday? RH

Race Director said...

Yes, not a problem.