Sunday, January 8, 2012

Important Race Updates

Here's the latest.......

Packet Pickup - This will take place in the Hall of Fame Room (2nd floor) of the Pettit Center. The hours are listed on the race website. We do allow race-day packet pickup. For Marathon Relay teams, you will get one goody bag per team. The team captain or a designated member can pick up the packet and shirts.

Parking - For all Saturday participants, be aware that the parking spots fill up quickly. For the Marathon Relay participants in particular, you may want to show up at least an hour early since there is also public skating at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Water Bottles/Table - New this year, we are asking that runners bring their own water bottles to use during the race. You will want to mark your bib number on the bottle(s) when you get to the race. We will have an extra supply of bottles in case anyone forgets one, but we would prefer that you bring your own. You can bring more than one if you wish to have one for water and one for Powerade. For the Marathon and participants, you will be receiving water bottles in your race packets, but these are not suitable for use during the race due to the type of cap. They are a give-away from one of our sponsors.

Lap Counting Tips - Most sports watches and Garmin Forerunners have a lap counting function and these seem to work best. You may also wish to have a friend or family member help you. We will also have volunteers who will be available to give you your lap counts upon request. And we will continue to have screens than show either laps finished or laps to go (or both), but sometimes it can be hard to find your name so you may want to rely on your own methods. Our volunteers will let you know when you are on your last lap or when you are finished, but feel free to ask them if you have concerns about your lap count.

Timing - There will be a timing mat located at the finish line which will record your lap counts based on the chip around your ankle. When you hit the mat for the first time that will be counted as Lap 1. For the Half Marathon, you will have 47 more laps to go after that, and for the Marathon you will have 95 more laps to go. Please be mindful to stay off the timing mat after the announcement has been made to clear the track. Also, make sure your chip is around your ankle; if you put it on your wrist your laps won't be counted.

Nutrition - We will be providing GU packets one hour into the Half Marathon and Marathon. Feel free to bring your own nutritional items to place in your designated area on the side of the track.

Pit Area - Each runner and relay team will be able to select their own designated area on either end of the track. I would suggest that you reserve your spot after you arrive at the Pettit Center for your race and have picked up your packet. You can place items such as food or extra clothes in this spot. For the relay teams, this is the area where your team will congregate during the race to await runner changes.

Passing Etiquette - Just like when you're driving on the freeway, slower runners stay to the outside and faster runners on the inside. Try to be mindful of fast runners coming up behind you when you are in the inside lane. If you are coming up behind a slow runner who is in the inside lane, say the word "track" to alert them of this. Most of all, please be patient. The track is narrow and passing can be difficult in some areas.

Spectator Information - We will have poster board and markers for spectators to make signs. Feel free to bring your own signs (dry erase boards also work well if you want to change messages). Bring cowbells are your own risk! There will be concessions available to spectators. It will be cold inside the track area so make sure to dress warmly.

Age Group Awards - New this year, we will be mailing out all age group awards, which are specially-designed pins. We will have an awards ceremony for just the top three overall male/female winners in each race, Gold Medal Challenge winners and relay teams.

Official Race Photos - Bill Flaws from Running in the USA will be on hand again this year to take pictures. They will be available for purchase shortly after the race at

Headphones - MP3 players are not allowed on the track. Hearing what's going on is imperative to creating a safe racing atmosphere. If you are seen wearing headphones of any kind, you will be asked to take them off or be disqualified from the race. We will be playing music during the race.

Back Bibs - We will have a supply of blank bibs for runners to write personal messages on. You can pin them to the back of your shirt for use during the race.

Weather - Please keep in mind that the races will be held no matter what the weather is like outside. Hopefully winter will have started by race weekend. We like to think that snow and cold temps makes a perfect backdrop for an indoor running event!

Post-Race - There will be a food room on the main floor with all kinds of treats for runners. There will also be a massage therapist from Elements Therapeutic Massage in Elm Grove and chiropractic from Dr. Treva Rademaker from the Chiropractic & Wellness Group, West Allis available in the Hall of Fame Room.

Sponsors - We have some amazing sponsors this year. Slendertone is presenting the Gold Medal Challenge, Performance Running Outfitters in sponsoring the Half Marathon, Revolution Natural Running is sponsoring the 5k Race and Fit Milwaukee is sponsoring the Marathon Relay. Other sponsors include GU Energy and Running in the USA. We would like to thank our sponsors for making the Icebreaker events possible.

And finally, on race weekend we will be rolling out the details for an exciting new race. There will be an information table and flyers in your goody bags. Stay tuned.....

We look forward to seeing everyone in just two shorts weeks!

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