Friday, January 15, 2010


The running track will be open for runners to do warmups for 30 minutes prior to each race. However, if there are still runners on the track from the previous race, make sure not to wear your chip while doing your warmup run. This could cause headaches for the timers.


D H said...

Since you will be using chips for the race to count our laps and time us, will we have access to all of the splits after the race to track our performance? This is one of the great things they have at the Zoom Yah Yah Marathon, we have a record of our splits for every lap in the race.


Race Director said...

I am not sure if we can give lap splits, but I will talk to the scorer about that. I know we are doing a half-way split for the full marathon. Otherwise, if you have a Garmin, you can do your own lap splits. That's what I do when I run at the Pettit Center. You just press the "lap" button every time you cross the finish line.

Anonymous said...

ran at the Pettit today for my 8 miler, use my garmin for lap splits and it was a life saver, otherwise there is no way I would have known how many laps I had done.