Monday, January 25, 2010

Race Director Thanks

Thanks to everyone for making another great InStep Icebreaker Indoor Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay possible. I am going to start a list here of all of the people I would like to thank for helping me pull this off. I will add to the list often so keep checking back.

  • Rob Multerer and the staff at the Pettit National Ice Center for opening up their house to us. They have one of the most unique facilities around and to be able to host an event like this there is a real honor.
  • My staff: Jaime Lee, Dana Schulz, Jeff Ferris and Brian Volkman. They are as dedicated to this event as I am, and it showed in their work. Brian, your announcing was a terrific addition to the event.
  • All of the volunteers....there are too many to name. The most frequent compliment I got from runners yesterday were about the volunteers and the energy they bring to the races.
  • Jeanette Seitz and Olu for performing the national anthem at the start of each day.
  • Paul at Saucony for all of the wonderful things you did for us....the jackets, hats, gloves, shirts....for manning the InStep table. Thanks!!
  • Our sponsors......Lakefront Wellness Center (awesome massages!), Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp, Zym, SweatVac.
  • Bill Flaws from for capturing the events in pictures.
  • Bill Schneider, who not only completed the Gold Medal Challenge, but also provided much guidance in the days and weeks and months leading up to the race.
  • PR Medal Engraving for providing such a valuable service to our runners.
  • Angela C. for helping take my mind off race-directing for a little while each day.
  • PT Timing for the excellent race scoring. An event is only as good as the timers and they were spectacular.
  • Don Weyer for measuring the course(s) again this year.
  • Neal and Juris from USATF for picking our little race to include on your tour. You guys are true road warriors!
  • My family for their patience as I sat in front of the computer in the kitchen every night for the past month working on spreadsheets with song lists, runner lists, bib number lists, etc.
  • My co-workers and co-owners at InStep who provided much assistance.
  • Ashley Kumlien and Andrew for letting us be a part of MSRuntheUS for a few days, as well as Thomas with the Give Shirt.
  • Sue at Salute, Inc. for all you do to help our veterans!
  • Anne at for helping spread the word about the Marathon Relay and also fielding a few teams.
  • Tom Held at the Journal-Sentinel for excellent reporting in your Off the Couch blog.
  • Larry @ Technique Web for not only designing the new Indoor Marathon website, but being there whenever we needed quick changes. If anyone reading this ever needs a website designed, I could not make a stronger recommendation. Go to
  • Dave Jesse, who not only competed in all three events, but also lined up the singer for the national anthem and sent us a bunch of volunteers. You are our Superman!
  • And most of all, thanks to the runners who participated in the event. You are why we do this.


Anonymous said...

What a fun event! My first indoor race, as well as my first Half-Marathon. Thanks to all who helped make it such a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, great race! Looking forward to running it again next year!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I enjoyed the race very much. Below is a link to my blog race report, which includes some material from the links on this blog (with credits given) so I could try to give the best description I could for my readers. Thanks again for a fabulous event!