Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clarification On Water Bottles

I have been getting some emails about the water bottle situation and there seems to be some confusion. We will be providing each runner with a water bottle. You may also bring your own. You can have as many water bottles as you would like. You can fill them with the beverage of your choice prior to the race or you can have one of the volunteers fill them with water or Powerade during the race. There will be tables where you can keep your bottles. We will also provide runners with a means to identify their bottles (we will probably use those stick-on name tags and you can write your bib number on them with a marker).

As for drinking, my advice is to grab your bottle on your way past the table, and carry it with you for a lap or two. Then just put it back on the table when you're done. The volunteers will keep the bottles in the right order and make sure they are filled if you want more. I know this sounds a bit confusing but it will all work smoothly on race-day.

One final word of advice on this subject: make sure to stay properly hydrated. It is deceptively cool inside the Pettit Center and I would recommend taking in plenty of liquids.


Johanna said...

This is really helpful - as this is my first Icebreaker - I'm used to walking through the water stations - but yet I can understand that there's no room to walk on a track - so basically is it running and sipping? Or slowing down and sipping? Appreciate the feedback!

Race Director said...

What I would recommend is either stopping off to the side of the track to drink or carrying the bottle with you for a lap and taking drinks. It's fairly easy to drink out of a sports bottle without breaking stride. You may want to practice running with a bottle in your hand before the race.

Shripe said...

It also helps to have an Amphipod type bottle (which I will be bringing). You don't even feel it on your hand with the way it's built, including the strap. You can just run with it and take drinks.