Sunday, January 3, 2010

Race Rules

Here is a list of race rules. Keep in mind that these are subject to change.

1. Runners will need to complete 95.37 laps for the marathon and marathon relay, and 47.68 for the half marathon.

2. MP3 players or any other type of portable music players are not allowed. Violators will be disqualified.

3. There are two lanes on the track. Runners should try to stay in the outside lane unless you are passing a slower runner. If you are coming up behind a slower running in the inside lane, use the word “track” to indicate that they should move aside.

4. The race will be chip timed. There will be a timing mat at the finish line. Runners can ask a volunteer to give them a lap count, which they will get the next time they cross the line. Lap counts will also be provided to runners on a regular basis toward the end of the race.

5. There will be an aid station at the northeast corner of the track. Runners will need to bring their own bottles (one will be provided in the goody bag). Volunteers will be able to fill the bottles with water or Powerade during the race. Each runner will have a designated area to place their bottles during the race. Cups or other open containers will not be allowed due to spillage concerns.

6. There will be a separate designated area next to the track for runners to keep extra clothing, gel packs or other items.

7. Runners can accept items such as food, drinks, clothing from spectators, but only next to the designated aid station. Violators are subject to disqualification.

8. There will be two bathrooms near the track. Runners are asked not to leave the track area for any reason. The bathroom in the Pettit Center lobby is for spectators.

9. For the marathon relay, each team is given one chip. Teams will consist of 2 to 4 runners and can switch runners as often as they would like. The chip will have to be exchanged between runners each time there is a runner switch. Each team will have a designated chip exchange area along the side of the running track.

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